Joefx.com, formerly known as Joesenforex.com, is led by a sophisticated team, with almost 20 years of combined experience in global FX markets.


Since its founding in 2014, Joefx has forged a strong link with clients by virtue of solid performance and candor. The team is sanguine about our strategies that can monetize the forex market often dubbed the most challenging field in the financial market.


We take pride in our trade ideas that have weathered an array of extraordinary events, such as Brexit Decision, China devalues the Renminbi, Swiss unpegged the franc, Turkey Coup. That the past performance is not indicative of future results sounds a platitude, but it is true. We are not allowed it to ossify our mentality, and we will never be intoxicated with it.


In the final analysis: the market is a place for smart people to make money, not a battlefield for traders to conquer.